The Key to Bible Interpretation lies in understanding the allegorical/symbolic language used in the Bible. The key to accomplishing this is diagrammed for us in Genesis 1 in the Creation Story. The Bible's purpose is to teach us about what we can't see using objects, forms, living stories, etc. related to our physical world. Since the spiritual reality is of a different nature than the physical reality we can see, allegory/symbolism is used to explain the spiritual.

This book offers a Word Picture of the Genesis 1 message that reveals just how we are in the image of GOD and then continues to use that diagram for interpretation of the rest of the Bible.

Beginning with basic axioms of the way we must view GOD, how to search for Truth, how to minimize errors in our interpretations, the book continues with describing the Word Picture in detail and offers many practical ways to use the resulting principles and truths. Here is a video briefly explaining how Man is in the Image of GOD:

How Man is in GOD's Image

This book should become a primary resource in your library of Bible and Christianity books.

Table of Contents

Please Read This First
Bible Study Techniques
Error Minimization
Symbolism from Other Sources
The Nuts and Bolts of the Bible Message
Introduction: A Serious and Cautious Attitude is Necessary
Ritual & Tradition Play an Important Part
Realize the Importance of the CEM order of any Reality: First Basic Concept
The Seven Steps of Spiritual Growth-the Creative Order/Process: Second Basic Concept
The Concept of Male and Female Aspects of Life: Third Basic Concept
Purpose and the Garden of Eden Story: Fourth Basic Concept
The Rebirth Concept: The Ability to Change: Fifth Basic Concept
The Non-Faith Approach: The Tower of Babel: Sixth Basic Concept
The Faith Approach: The Story of Abraham: Seventh Basic Concept
The Community of Man: Eighth Basic Concept
A Final Summary of the Bible Message
Christian Bible Overview
Word Picture of Reality
Seven Days of Creation
Seven Steps of Spiritual Growth
Individual - Image of a Living Being
Garden of Eden
Understanding Faith
Faith and Works
Noah's Ark
GOD's Way
Is GOD Masculine?
GOD as First Cause - What Does It Mean?
Concepts to Aid Spiritual Growth
Why Didn’t Jesus Remain on Earth and Teach Us Truth?
The Virgin Birth Concept
An Overview of Creation and GOD's Purpose
The Symbolism View - A Daily Practice
These Words are Spirit and Life
Bearing Fruit
Legalism and Christian Living
Children of GOD
The Basics of Yin/Yang
Questions and Answers
Index to Questions and Answers
Why are there so many religions in the world?
Why does GOD desire Worship and What is true Worship?
Why does GOD allow Satan to do what he does?
Is Faith Blind? Can we have faith in a lie?
Why are some actions called sin that do not hurt others?
Can Man be Perfect?
Is Jesus the true Son of GOD?
What does Christ mean when he says he is the Alpha and Omega--The First and the Last?
Is GOD Masculine?
What Does a Balanced Life Mean?
What is the Meaning of Baptism?
From Conflict to Peace
Predestination - Is Our Salvation Determined Before We Are Born?
What will each of us be doing for all of eternity in the body of Christ? Do you really know?
The Gift of GOD--Romans 6:23
How Do We Recognize GOD's Hand in Our Life and the Lives of Others?
What is the Nature of GOD's Love?
Why Pain and Suffering?
The Concept of "Right & Wrong"
Satan: The Enemy Within?
What Makes Sin Sinful?
How Can a Soul Be Lost?
Temptation: How Should We View It?
The Message
How Does the Truth Make You Free?
Unconditional Love: What Does It Mean?
How do Sea Turtles Learn to Swim?
The Teacher
A Gift of Love
Tell Me About ..
The Least Popular Girl in College
The Dream
Where is Christ in the Reality of All that Is? What about Man?
The Two Great Commandments: What Do They Mean?
Changing the Heart

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