Some Questions You Will Be Able To Answer
After You Understand the Unifying Interpretation in the E-Book
See Example Question with Answer at Bottom of this Page
  1. Is there a proof for the existence of GOD? Does HE exist?
  2. How should we think of GOD?
  3. What are the Main Aspects of GOD?
  4. In what way is Man in the image of GOD?
  5. Is GOD limited in any way?
  6. Did GOD create one or more totally evil beings?
  7. Did GOD allow a totally evil being into the Garden of Eden?
  8. Why did the woman sin first?
  9. What is Man's purpose?
  10. Why is GOD referred to in the masculine sense?
  11. Why are the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit only referred to in the masculine sense?
  12. What does it mean when Christ is referred to as the Alpha and Omega-the First and the Last?
  13. Who is Christ's spiritual mother?
  14. Who or what is Satan?
  15. What makes sin sinful?
  16. Why is the blasphemy of the Spirit the only unforgivable sin?
  17. Why did Jesus "never" state he was the "Son of GOD"-only others? He did use the expressions "the Son" and "my Father" instead. Why?
  18. Why did Jesus refer to himself as the "Son of Man" (60 or more times)?
  19. Why was Jesus in the heart of the earth "3 days and 3 nights"?
  20. Why does the Bible use Allegory/Symbolism/Patterns?
  21. What does the Temple pattern represent?
  22. What did Jesus mean when he said, "These words are Spirit, and they are Life" (John 6:63?
  23. Why are particular numbers important? What are their meanings?
  24. Why is the 7th day (Sabbath) so important? Has that importance changed?
  25. Why did Israel have 12 tribes?
  26. Why was an Israelite baby boy circumcised on the 8th day?
  27. Why did Jesus rise on the 1st day of the week (8th day)?
  28. What are the main aspects of any Reality as revealed in the Bible?
  29. Does GOD allow Man to corrupt Scripture?
  30. What is the most important aspect of Truth?
  31. How do we search for Truth?
  32. How do we minimize the errors that may creep into our belief system?
  33. What is the most important idea to minimize error in Bible Interpretation?
  34. What determines perfection?
  35. Can a human being be perfect?
  36. Is there such a thing as transitional perfection?
  37. What was the purpose of GOD's Law?
  38. What is the difference between obedience to law and not being under law (Rom 6:14)?
  39. What is the Soul?
  40. What is Faith?
  41. Is eternal life a period of time?
  42. Can we know GOD's main Purpose? What is it?
  43. Why does GOD allow Satan to corrupt Mankind and create all kinds of pain and suffering?
  44. Is Satan also Omnipresent-as GOD is? Explain?
  45. Why does GOD allow evil to occur to babies and children?
  46. Are we predestined to our ultimate fate?
  47. What will we be doing for all of eternity?
  48. What is the meaning of baptism?
  49. What is the meaning of Grace?
  50. Why is the number 50 so important in the Bible?
Example Question and Answer
Should the Bible be Viewed Literally or Allegorically/Symbolically?
This is a question that has resulted in many disagreements.The answer is: Both!  Why? First we are told in the New Testament that Sarah and Hagar allegorically represent the two covenants.  It should also be obvious that much, if not all, of Jesus's teachings were a form of symbolism.  When he said destroy this temple and I will raise it in three days, we are told that he was speaking of his body.  There are many such examples.  How do we tell the difference between what is allegorical/symbolic and literal?  Answer: We resolve contradictions when we see them.  Does it appear to contradict other verses of the Bible?  Does it contradict what we can experience daily?  Does it contradict proven Science?  Does it contradict the common sense GOD gave us, etc?  We must resolve the contradictions with answers that unify the Bible's Message.  Is this easy?  No, because to know Truth, we must bypass our self-interest filter.  The Bible Message Explained E-Book offers a planned approach for doing just that.