The Transcendental Mind

The Transdental Mind
Part 1 - The Transcendental Mind

Danyal and Lena are approached on their college campus by a young girl named Myla who asks for their help.  This begins a challenge for them that changes their view of reality when they learn that the young girl is from an alien planet that had been destroyed by nuclear war.

Even more fantastic was the fact that the young girl is an ethereal being who lost her physical body at the start of her planet's nuclear war.  She had been a volunteer in a mind transfer experiment that left her trapped a 1000 feet underground in a robotic body and with a AI computer companion for many years during her quest to escape her prison.

Danyal and Lena joins with Myla and a copy of the AI computer system to change the social momentum of Earth.  Their task is close to impossible because they must attempt to restrict the expression of Man's self-serving nature.

Part 2 - The Cosmic Travelers

The 9 years of age fraternal twins of Danyal and Lena leave Earth to begin their cosmic journey.  After meeting an entity, which is a few billion years of age and the merged life of an entire planet, they decide to link their minds to become a super mind also.  Instead they are merged into one being, Dalen, with an exponential increase in abilities. Dalen decides to use his abilities to champion the freedom of all the weaker races in the Milky Way galaxy that are being dominated by an evil race from another galaxy, the Demonites.

After Myla joins him on his quest, they become the means by which the Demonites are overcome.

This 89 page science fiction story is free to those interested in the "Bible Message Explained" E-Book.

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