The Bible Message Explained

There are many reasons why the spiritual message of the Bible must be symbolic in nature. Below are a few of them. Hopefully, as you progress along your path, you will recognize many more.

* The Bible is revealing the spiritual reality to us. The spiritual reality has no "forms", but the Bible must use "forms" to describe the spiritual reality. The Bible does this very effectively! The process of using "forms" in the lower physical reality to convey spiritual concepts about the spiritual reality is "speaking" symbolically. All symbolic messages must be interpreted to convey a "picture" into the higher reality we cannot sense with our physical senses. As Jesus stated, "These words are Spirit and they are Life". The many forms used in the Bible includes:

    1. Common objects - rocks, stones, trees, and etc.
    2. Patterns of common objects from 1 above - the Temple, the Ark, the Tower of Babel, and etc.
    3. Living individuals and their lives - Adam and Eve, Abraham, Jesus, and etc.
    4. Words with double meanings that make up an allegorical (spiritual) language - water, drink, eat, and etc.

* The Spiritual (Symbolic) message of the Bible must convey the same understandings over centuries, over various cultural barriers, and be language independent to true seekers. Therefore, unchanging forms can be used to create the Spiritual Key to understanding the symbolic forms, living stories (allegory), and other symbolism used throughout Scripture. The Spiritual message must remain hidden to everyone until they are ready to desire and understand it--have eyes to see and ears to hear spiritually. The symbolic message must be of a nature that it is not likely to be changed through tampering by the evil one's influence in Man. The Bible accomplishes all of this.

* The Bible's Spiritual (Symbolic) Message is wrapped in symbolisms for one other primary reason. The message is hidden until those who desire the message the most are persistent enough to seek it until they find it. Desire is a key element needed for spiritual growth as offered in "The Seven Steps of Spiritual Growth" interpretation used to support many of the concepts discussed later, and that desire must lead to understanding.

* Most likely there are many more.

The interpretation of Bible allegory and symbolism offered in the e-book does not automatically give anyone all they will need to recognize the spiritual message they will need. It is like describing the smell of a rose to another. Until it is experienced by your sense of smell, the truth is not really known. Who can say whether the rose smells the same to one as it does to another. Most of the resources can only point in the right direction at the most. Only GOD knows where anyone is and what they need next to progress along their unique path. I can only hope, that in some way, I have been a good channel of knowledge that GOD uses to promote spiritual growth. At best, I may plant a good seed, but only GOD will cause the growth.