How do we know we understand the Bible’s message? Answer: When we can answer the most questions that results in a unified interpretation. The free Bible Message Explained E-Book will unify your interpretation of its Scripture and eliminate the contradictions unbelievers see as problems with its message. Contradictions reveal that the Bible statement or story is using allegory and symbolism--discounting ignorance of the time. The Allegorical Interpretation gives us a view of our spiritual existence that has no form. Forms are used to symbolically describe the spiritual reality.The Bible’s Purpose is not to tell us what we can easily see or hear everyday. The Bible’s true purpose is to reveal our spiritual being to us and help us to understand what we are and who we are.

Allegory and Symbolism is necessary to paint a picture of the spiritual reality. Therefore, the Bible Message Explained E-Book will guide you in understanding:

  1. How we should view GOD
  2. The Spiritual Key to understanding Bible allegory and symbolism
  3. How to interpret allegorical Bible stories and statements that use symbolism
  4. The part many of the objects and forms used by the Bible serve in creating an allegoric or symbolic message
  5. The real purpose of Genesis One
  6. The real purpose of the Adam and Eve story
  7. The allegory and symbolism in the life of Jesus
  8. Who and where our true enemy is

Understanding the Bible’s spiritual message requires a strong desire and dedication. It also requires a willingness to give up what may be many of our favorite beliefs.

Are you willing?

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